Saturday, April 28, 2007

Digital Spring Cleaning

After several weeks absence I am happy to get back to twigg hugger! March and April were unusually busy months for me. As a result, I confess to having experienced a bit of Deklutter-er's Block, that is, a state where decluttering activity slows down or just plain comes to a halt.

I am now pleased to report that I finally was able to complete several phases of a long term and multi-faceted Electronics Dekluttering Project (EDP), which I will discuss more fully in upcoming entries. My EDP involved the disposal of a many year's accumulation of the following

    • two computers
    • a dot-matrix printer
    • external CD-ROM drive
    • scanner
    • set of speakers and sub-woofer


    • old DOS based computer games
    • along with other DOS based applications

    Various other electronic accessories

    • old used and unused 5.25" floppy disks
    • computer software and hardware manuals
    • a Unix-based email account!
Mmm hmmm! As you can see the tenacity of my Inner PackRat is phenomenal! But I was committed to disposing of this stuff in as responsible a manner as I could in spite of some of the challenges this presented.

I am nothing if not persistent, so stay tuned!

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