Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Exit Strategy Made Easier

A couple of weeks ago, I was poking around the NYC WasteLe$$ site and came across a page that I think is a very cool and invaluable tool for the Packrat. It's the NYC Stuff Exchange. According to the website:
This website offers a quick and simple way for NYC
residents to search for places in their neighborhood
and throughout the city where they can donate, sell,
buy, rent, or repair different types of gently used goods

But of particular interest is the Events Calendar!

What this means, is that for those of you in the NYC area, you can search for possible Exit Strategy opportunities from the comfort of your browser!

You can search

  1. within the following four categories:
    • donation drive
    • rummage sale
    • used book fair
    • swap meet
  2. within specific date ranges
  3. by keyword

It will list the event, the date and time, and the sponsoring organization.

You can also click on the listing for more details such as the specific location of the event, contact information, a website if available, and a little blurb about the items being accepted.

Wowee! I think this is terrific!

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